Throwing sharp objects beats rolling a ball around on the floor.

Imagine the heft of an axe and the thud of splitting wood from one good throw. Now, normally no one would condone the throwing of sharp objects, especially something as dangerous as an axe, in a crowded building filled with people and alcohol. But things are a little different now with modern axe throwing venues, like Split Pine, having trained instructors to coach, guide, and keep an eye out for participants. Think of it as a far cooler version of bowling or an even more dangerous version of darts. The sport has even grown to the point of ESPN coverage at local and national leagues!

Axe throwing is a new social sport to indulge in once the thrill of knocking over bowling pins loses its luster. The sport of modern axe throwing has been a staple of Woodsman and timbersports for some time now but only in the last decade has its popularity spilled into popular culture. Particularly in urban areas, where seeing someone hurling an axe would normally be a cause for alarm. Thanks to the efforts of young entrepreneurs something that normally existed in fictional realms filled with Vikings and Native Americans now exists in the backyards and downtowns of many American metropolitan areas.

once you feel the axe-illirating high of chucking an axe, odds are, you’ll want to do it again.

Entertainment on target

Taking part is as easy as throwing a baseball, if the baseball had a sharpened edge and weighed a few pounds. At the far end of an axe throwing lane sits a wooden target and on that wooden target are five, varying in size and color, concentric circles. These circles hold the glory of victory within them. Successful tosses land you points and points add up to your eventual score.

And practice comes often, because once you feel the axe-illirating high of chucking an axe, odds are, you’ll want to do it again and again and again. You don’t have to be a professional to play. Enjoy a game with your friends on a night out or come and join a session by yourself. At Split Pine, you can enjoy throw after throw with your friends, family, or strangers while also enjoying your own alcohol at our BYOB venue located in Allentown.