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Fun + Competition… WIN WIN!

Whether you’re looking for a challenge or just something fun to do during the week, you need to join our leagues. They’re the perfect excuse to get together with friends, make some new ones, and trash talk each other (all while having a beer! WHAT?!)

Axe throwing leagues are 8-weeks of axe throwing competition against 15-30 other throwers, plus a final tournament. You will play against other league members each week to determine who will make the playoffs. In the playoffs, the top competitors will compete in a double-elimination tournament to determine the league winner for that season.

All skill levels are welcome! New to throwing axes? Perfect! Our league community prides itself on helping new throwers learn the ropes. No matter your experience level, you’ll compete individually and receive tips from our instructors.

We adhere to all WATL (World Axe Throwing League) rules for league play. Personal axes are allowed as long as they conform to the WATL specifications for competitive axes. Participants may also purchase a WATL axe from Split Pine. A League axe can be borrowed from Split Pine for any and all matches. (Please see the official WATL website for more rules and regulations.)

League Dates

Summer League: May 21, 2023
Fall League: August 6, 2023
Winter League: October 22, 2023
Spring League: February 18, 2024

Sunday: 1:30-2:00pm practice, 2:00pm start time

(Please note: Leagues are only held at the Allentown location at this time.)

League Perks
– Timberwolves League t-shirt
– 2 half-off vouchers for bookings up to 8 people

The league fee includes 30 min of practice and warm up time prior to start of leagues every week. It also includes a total of 2 hours of practice time during non-league hours (with the exclusion of peak days/times) for players to come in and throw. Anyone who comes with a player who isn’t another league member would still need to pay the full rate. Any amount of time over the 2 hours that players would like to spend practicing would be at a heavily discounted rate of $5 for 20 min.

Special early bird rate: $125 per person up to 1 week prior to league start date
Regular rate: $150 per person

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