Quench the thirst

Dan’s thirst for adventure constantly sends him looking for the next high energy sport that can satisfy his cravings. From adventure sports to white water rafting, which he now leads as a local guide, that craving keeps coming. The yearning isn’t easily quelled; so the search is always on. But what happens when the search meets a roadblock? When the desire for adventure is stifled by the lack of options and opportunities? Well, you create your own adventure. Which is exactly what Dan and Val Garcia did with Split Pine.

The statement, “I wish there was more to do here,” began the domino effect that eventually led to Split Pine’s creation. They knew the Lehigh Valley needed more options for people to enjoy; places that a group of friends or a family could meet up for the sort of fun you can’t get at home or at a restaurant. There just wasn’t enough of that here. So they put that collective mind of theirs together. Pushed by entrepreneurial spirit and searching for adventure, they created Split Pine. Somewhere that takes the rugged and axe-illirating experience of woodsmanship and brings it to our own backyard.

Axe throwing seemed like the perfect way to bring a lot more fun to the area. What’s not to like about family, friends, a BYOB venue, and weapons? Just take the American tradition of woodsmanship and combine it with modernity of urban life and you end up with Split Pine. The best place to come, spend a few hours with friends, have some friendly competition, and hurl a few axes for fun.

Together we can accomplish anything.

The Garcia Grind

“Val and I just love the spirit of entrepreneurship. Together it feels like we can accomplish anything, our teamwork and cooperation is just good like that. Where one of us falters the other rises up, and pulls with all their might to raise the team alongside them. This combination of teamwork and spirit has aided us in our entrepreneurial endeavors, from owning a real estate business to creating a contracting business. We’ve dipped our hands in whatever idea our collective mind could conjure up.

Which has led us to Split Pine.”
– Dan Garcia