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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has arrived!

Whichever game you choose the Arcadia VR Arena will transport you to a new world. Teleport into a sci-fi arena, fight to become a pirate king, ride a hoverboard or fend off a cyborg invasion! Find out which of your friends you can trust in combat in multiplayer gaming or band together in team play. But be careful. Once you put on the VR headset, anything can happen. It’s reality, but not as you know it.

Let The Games Begin!

Travel the galaxy in Attek
Welcome to Attek Elite Squadron soldier! You and your team will travel the galaxy in search of Mechrun’s Cyborg Colonies. Infiltrate the enemy bases and destroy all hostile forces. Gear up for war!

Battle to become Pirate King in Sea Bandits
The Pirate Council has assembled to choose the next King. Fearsome corsairs, bandits, and adventurers have gathered to fight for the title. Join the battle, defeat all other challengers, and claim the crown for yourself. Become the next Pirate King!

Teleport to a sci-fi arena in Raverz
The Rave Arena awaits! Get ready for a wicked fight. Speed and strategy are essential, plan ahead, move fast and shoot even faster. You have to teleport often, get power-ups, and obliterate your opponents. Let the battle begin!

Fly on Hoverboards in WingRUN
WingRun is a 2-6 players, sci-fi-themed, player vs player racer. While flying on hoverboards, players compete against each other for the highest score by sprinting on different race tracks.

Become the Winter Champion in Winter Break
Start a snowball fight in the schoolyard with the goal of becoming the Winter Champion. Grab your slingshot and start throwing snowballs at the opposing team. Dodge the enemy snowballs and compete inside mini-games to become the grand winner of the winter break!

“Amazing gameplay and stunning graphics of multiple games will keep customers immersed and engaged.”

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